Sunday, 23 October 2011

My skin can get really dehydrated especially around winter what with the chilly weather and indoor heating. It can be really awful as I look like I'm constantly blushing as it tends to remain a bright fuchsia colour which is not  a subtle look. Basically, a couple of years ago, my mum had a bodyshop party and I was roped in to be the ahem, 'model' to have the products tested out on. I told the host my skin always got really red and irritated and she gave me a sachet of this wonderful stuff.

It's called 'vitamin e' moisture serum and it's brilliant. It's £10 for the serum, which might seem a tad expensive, but considering you only really need a couple of squirts a day, it's really rather good. I've been using it since the bodyshop party and it's remained constant in it's useful-ness and I now always put it on in the morning before makeup.  However, I think most types of vitamin e products would work well, especially during the winter.

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