Tuesday, 19 June 2012

split ends

Apologies, I haven't used this blog to the best of it's ability! However, I felt this relevant to mention.
Basically, after using straighteners on my hair almost every day for about eight years of my high school existence (worst decision I ever made) my hair isn't in the best of condition. Despite having coped pretty well considering the damage I have inflicted, I do suffer chronically from split ends. Therefore, I am always trying different treatments and shampoos and masks and serums with 'heat protection magical healing' properties. 
Yesterday, I used something my mother recently purchased - Lifetex Protein Mask from Wella. Now, I am just speaking from personal experience, but in regards to the dry after product, it has honestly been a godsend. After washing, shampooing and conditioning I leave my hair to dry naturally but despite this, it usually ends up tangled especially at the ends. However, the ends of my hair felt much smoother, even when it was still damp. Long story short, it's something I highly recommend and I do apologise for the essay!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

wild lashes

I know I said I'd be doing reviews on here, but I think I'd just prefer to praise the products that I'm slightly in love with :') Essentially, this is my new favourite mascara. I bought it literally ages ago when TJ Hughes was still open (I'm still mourning it's death) for about £2. Beforehand, I'd been using the maybelline colossal volume one but that had dried up so I thought I'd experiment with something cheap and cheerful. Honestly, it's so good. My lashes looked a lot longer and thicker without going all spidery.You can buy this from urban outfitters for around £5 but I found it online here for about a £1 if you're interested, certainly something I'd recommend!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

My skin can get really dehydrated especially around winter what with the chilly weather and indoor heating. It can be really awful as I look like I'm constantly blushing as it tends to remain a bright fuchsia colour which is not  a subtle look. Basically, a couple of years ago, my mum had a bodyshop party and I was roped in to be the ahem, 'model' to have the products tested out on. I told the host my skin always got really red and irritated and she gave me a sachet of this wonderful stuff.

It's called 'vitamin e' moisture serum and it's brilliant. It's £10 for the serum, which might seem a tad expensive, but considering you only really need a couple of squirts a day, it's really rather good. I've been using it since the bodyshop party and it's remained constant in it's useful-ness and I now always put it on in the morning before makeup.  However, I think most types of vitamin e products would work well, especially during the winter.

The best of Burgundy at Lookbook

I have always had a love of burgundy, throughout all seasons, but I suppose it's really more of an autumnal/fall shade. These are my favourite burgundy lookbook looks of the past week. Click the caption to see the original look.





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